New BREEAM Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-Out

The BRE has confirmed that the new BREEAM Non-Domestic Refurbishment 2014 will be launched at the end of October and we wanted to give you a quick overview with the key points you need to know to smoothly manage the change.

The BREEAM Non-Domestic Refurbishment 2014 will replace the BREEAM 2008 and BREEAM New Construction 2014 versions of the scheme for refurbishments and fit outs.

The fundamental change of BREEAM Non-Domestic Refurbishments compared to previous BREEAM methods, is that it is based on a modular approach where the level of accreditation can be tailored to the scope of the refurbishment. The assessment will comprise the following four modules:

  • Part One deals with the building fabric and structure

  • Part Two is concerned with core services (e.g. centralised M&E plant)

  • Part Three deals with local services

  • Part Four with interior design

Refurbishment and fit-out projects can be assessed against one or all of the four parts, or any combination, depending on which are relevant to a particular project. This provides greater flexibility and prevents unfair penalisation for non-compliance on areas which are outside the scope of the project, an approach which has been proven successful in other environmental rating systems such as Ska.

Rating levels will remain the same with Pass being the minimum for certification and Outstanding the highest score.

Although projects will be able to register under BREEAM Non-Domestic Refurbishment from the 31st October 2014, registration under the 2008 and 2014 New Construction versions of the scheme will be open until the 16th February 2015. After this date, only refurbishment or fit-out projects with evidence that there is contractual requirement in place to use a previous version can register against the 2008 or 2014 schemes. This is particularly relevant for buildings which may have been designed in line with the previous standard and for which compliance with the updated version could have major design implications. It must also be noted that assessments can be upgraded (from the previous to the new version), but not downgraded so if you wish to follow BREEAM 2008 you should hurry up and contact an assessor to register the site!

At Twin & Earth, we have experienced licensed assessors who are able to assist you with both versions of BREEAM. So if you have any queries regarding the changes, need a review of the impact of the new scheme on your projects or require formal or informal training, please let us know and we will be happy to assist!