BREEAM New Construction 2018

Following a period of feedback on the draft guidance, version 1.0 of the BREEAM New Construction 2018 scheme went live on 7th March 2018. Subsequently, registration for the previous scheme, BREEAM New Construction 2014, will close on 23rd March 2018.

There are a number of significant changes to the new scheme and the highlights are shown below:

  • Post-Occupancy Stage: Inclusion of an optional post-occupancy stage has been introduced to review the commitments made at the Post-Construction Stage.
  • Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM): Although not mandatory, BREEAM encourages the uptake of DSM for energy modelling as a way of “bridging the performance gap” between predicted and actual energy performance of buildings.
  • Transport: The development of a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan is considered essential to determine the baseline condition of a site. This will therefore be mandatory to achieve additional credits under the transport section. Developments will then be rewarded where improvements to the baseline are made, through implementing appropriate sustainable transport measures.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): A building LCA is now mandatory to assess the environmental impact of materials used within the construction of buildings. An appraisal will also be required to review different material options to minimise the building’s environmental impact.
  • NOx Emissions: Space heating and hot water fed by electricity can now achieve full credits under Pol 02. This change is to align with the focus of the criteria which now relates to local air quality. This is to recognise UK legislation in place which sets maximum acceptable limits for measured air pollutants.

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