Are your buildings compliant with Minimum Energy Performance Standards?

What are Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)?

From 1st April 2018, all rented properties must meet a minimum energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of ‘E’. Owners of properties with an F or G rating will no longer be able to let these properties until their energy efficiency has been addressed.

The Regulations were introduced within the Energy Act 2011 and will be enforced by local Trading Standards Officers. Whilst there are likely to be some exemptions to the law (e.g. where the energy efficiency improvements negatively impact the value of the property), the government is proposing that any exemption will only last for a maximum of 5 years.


How many properties are affected by the Regulation?

There are approximately 75,000 commercial buildings in the UK. Data from the national EPC register indicates that 18% (13,500) currently fall below the minimum ’E’ rating.


How can Twin&Earth help?

As accredited non-domestic energy assessors, we have a wealth of experience of assessing and advising on the energy performance of individual buildings or larger portfolios. Our services include:

  • Undertaking a review your property portfolio and checking which properties currently have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
  • Undertaking a ‘gap analysis’ to identify practical and cost effective measures to improve any F or G rated properties to a minimum ‘E’ rating (or better).
  • Producing and formally lodging energy performance certificates covering both ‘simple’ (level 3 & 4) and ‘complex’ (level 5) buildings.


1 page - mini guide to MEPS