Are you a start-up business looking to launch a brand new product or an existing organisation wanting to improve one of your bestsellers? If so, you can benefit from our knowledge of sustainability drivers, life cycle analysis and new product development support to deliver products which are better for the environment and more profitable to your business.

Globalization, the growing world population and the rise of emerging economies has resulted in increased competition for natural resources, higher commodity prices and an unsus­tainable pressure on the environment. We can work with you to identify market trends and sustainability drivers for your product(s) and to identify solutions that minimise the life-time environmental impact.

Our services include;

  • Market appraisal
  • Compliance with environmental legislation and regulation
  • Product life cycle analysis
  • Carbon footprinting
  • Management of field trials
  • Product design support
  • Signposting to current innovation grants and support

We are happy to provide independent, tailored advice; alternatively, we are experienced in delivering collaborative projects alongside university partners in order to access grant funding.